Corn seeds

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With almost 1 million hectares acreage, corn is the second largest crop in Hungary. Our company offers varieties from the largest breeding houses in its portfolio, taking care to provide our growers with different FAO numbers of hybrids to guarantee safe corn production throughout the country.

Our variety

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Our waxy corn varieties

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We offer the biggest breeding house’s variety (Dekalb, Pioneer). From short-maturity varieties to the end of the middle-maturing group our partners can choose the best for them.

In Hungary, waxy corn is produced only a few percent of the total corn area. It differs from conventional corn in it's starch composition. Waxy corn contains almost 100% amylopectin. The consumption of waxy corn is very different, used as a food additive, for paper, textiles and medicine production. In it's cultivation, care must be taken with the isolation distance and it has  a slower water loss. During drying, the air temperature should not exceed 70°C and the crop 60°C.

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9047E Waxy
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